Are performances the same as original ?
Performances are still the same, even better with around 100 kg lighter.

How to charge ?
With the new charger installed you can charge your golf cart on every standard 220V outlet.

Is there any risk of explosion?
LiFePO4 batteries are very safe due to their composition. There is no risk of explosion even in case of strong impactor car crash.

Can I install it myself ?
You can try to install it yourself but it might not work in optimized conditions. When we install a Lithium kiton your buggy we also setup the  controller for to the new batteries. This can only be one with a special programmer.

What can do I do with the old batteries?
We bring to proper recycle all used lithium batteries. When we replace a lead-acid batteries we can also bring them to proper recycle for free.

Can I keep my battery charger ?
Lithium batteries and lead-acid doesn’t have the same charging algorithm. The charger included in the kit is made and setup for this application.

How long can I use lithium batteries from the go-lithium kits?
Lithium batteries are made for 2 000 cycles, with is around 8 years in normal conditions. Above 3 000 cycles the capacity left is around 80% so you can still use them for a few years.

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